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Tough Monday

So… I go into the meeting and this guy, out of the blue, asks me: “Why are you not wearing any pants?” I try to ignore him as I make my way to one of the conference room’s chairs, but he repeats the question. I’m normally very polite in this kind of situations; you know how delicate work relationships can be. So I told him: “Well, there are a number of reasons, but I won’t bore you with all of them. Besides, the meeting is about to start”.

I think I had made myself clear in a very professional way, but this guy insisted on getting on my nerve. “Dude! What meeting? This is a diner. You really should be wearing some pants man”. Can you believe this guy? No wonder he was working at a diner… he never attends the meetings. Calmly I said: “Well good sir, if you knew about this important meeting you would realize that me not wearing pants has to do with the demonstration of our newest product: The De-pants-zoneitor.”

I couldn’t have been clearer in my message, but this lunatic just told me: “I’m calling the cops man”. The conversation had reached that point by then, that fatidic moment in which there is no turning back. I had to use my trump card, so I replied: “All right then… you do that…” and BAM! Punch to the face!!!!

HELL YEAH!!!! He had it coming!

It was definitely a tough day at the office.


My bird friend

A couple of weeks ago I took some well deserved vacations at a famous Mexican beach called Ixtapa. The place is simply beautiful. The gentle sea breeze, the powerful blue ocean, the soft and warm sand… Everything was perfect. But more often than not, you need someone else around so you can share those lovely moments.

Luckily for me, I found a local bird relaxing along the shore near my hotel. Being the social man that I am, I approached him with my usual confident behavior:”Hello there good bird. How are the warm waves of Ixtapa treating you today?”. He never really replied, but I felt his welcoming aura nevertheless. I’m one of those people who can tell a welcoming aura when there is one.

My bird friend

Anyway, my bird friend and I spent countless hours gazing at the Pacific Ocean, sharing experiences and knowledge. He didn’t speak much… or at all; but I knew his heart was true. Sadly, things started to feel a little awkward when I told him about my flamingo friend over at Galapagos. He didn’t say so, and neither did I; but we both felt our friendship was drawing to an end. A very uncomfortable minute of silence ensued.

It is very sad really, when you stop and think about it. About how frail friendships can be sometimes, and how stubborn beach birds can act when that happens. He never really shared his feelings with me, but I know he is thinking about me as well. I just know.


Kids and Drums

There was a time in which little kids with drums would transform a good day into an awesome one. Nowadays however, it seems that these drummer children are falling short to their original premise. I’m a man of simple pleasures, but when those kids fail to deliver a decent drum show it really gets to me.

The other day I was strolling down the local park when a small boy approached me and said: “Would you fancy a melody?”. Me, naive as I am, accepted the boy’s offer. To my shocking (as in electroshock) surprise, the boy pulled out a flute and started playing some old fashioned Hamelin tune.

I waited for him to finish the piece and asked him: “Say kid, Where is your drum?”. He looked at me strangely and replied: “What drum sir?”. I was losing my patience by the time, but I’m a calm man so I told him gently:”Well kid, you know, the drum. Kids and drums… like fries and ketchup. The way is supposed to be”. He glanced at me and left…

I mean… Come on! I tried to stop him but there were a bunch of mice following him and I don’t like mice that much. What I’m trying to say here is that… well, you know, I just miss the good ol’ days and those kids with their drums.


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